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Most of these are going to be full albums so be advised.
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Click To Play 흰색 죽음 by 아버지
(White Death by Father)

Very desolate and creepy sounding. Genuinely made me jump a few times.


Click To Play The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis

This is a version with visual illustrations to watch while you listen. Makes it a lot easier to understand what's happening in the story for new listeners.


Click To Play Symbolic by Death

Quintessential Death Metal. This is the album that got me into extreme metal, and got me into Any metal beyond the surface level (e.g. Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dio, etc.)


Click To Play Night Lights by Gerry Mulligan

A nice jazz album from the 1960's. Just hits the right vibe for me, I'm a fan of that slower, nighttime vibe.

"Doors were locked, the air was sweet, the cigarette was shared."


Click To Play Supper's Ready by Genesis

Another Genesis thing. Very long song but totally worth it. Very "out there". Worth a listen if you have the time! (It's 23 minutes long.)


Click To Play D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L by Panchiko

An album with a really interesting story. A random internet user found the album at a store and could find nothing on the band themself. After tireless searching they tracked down the band who re-released the album on bandcamp! The last four tracks of the remastered album are the original versions from the CD found that started the whole investigation.


Click To Play Ocean Drive by Katsumi Horii Project

A CRAZY fun album. Amazing Japanese Fusion. Sounds cliche as Fuck to say but it just OOZES that SEGA OutRun vibe. Definitely worth a listen even if you've never listened to Fusion before.


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