My Art

This is where I'll post some of my art from time to time. Some will be very recent, some will be from YEARS ago.

All images will be scaled down to reduce space.

Distorted Collection. (2015)

manually distorted photographs

Putting this one out of order because it's what I'm most proud of so far. All pictures were taken and glitched by yours truly! (Click the picture to see all of them!)

Elf Maiden (2017)

digital art

My personal take on an Elf Maiden. I tried to not go with more conventional fantasy descriptions and decided to make elves be blind (for some reason). I think it turned out nice, I would just get rid of the weird scratchy part.

Airbrush (2017)

airbrush and construction paper

Trying out new mediums and what not. It was okay but not really my thing.

Uhh (2017)

digital art

A monster I drew at some point.

Sleepy Pigeon (2016)

digital art

This is about where I started really loving birds. Started getting better at drawing with a tablet, too. I still have that mental disconnect, though, from not being able to look down at my hands while drawing.

Home (2016)

digital art

I still somewhat like it, but this was definitely made during my "no it's not badly drawn that's just my STYLE" phase...

Hair Girl (2016)

pencil and paper

The best hair I've ever drawn to be honest.

Tradition (2015)

pencil, ink pen, and paper

Trying to go more surreal with things. Didn't get the facial expressions as correct as I'd like but I think I got my point across with this.


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